This month, I celebrate eleven years as an independent business & marketing writer [aka, freelance copywriter].

Eleven years – whaaa?? Also, wowza.

I’m so, so grateful for the overall success I’ve experienced as this particular breed of plate-spinning, teacup-juggling, unicycle-balancing working mama. It’s definitely not without its crashing, shattering, wince-worthy wipeout moments, but all in all, it’s sure an interesting ride.

And a gratifying one – both in the moments when the autonomy and flexibility let me be there for my kids, and in the moments when I hit the bullseye professionally for a great collaborator/client.

And I’ve been absurdly lucky to work with an abundance of great collaborator/clients over the past eleven years. And sure, a smattering of folks I’d rather not engage with again. But the beauty of encountering both is, it teaches you what you want in the people you work with. And as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned how to spot a keeper-client [and how to let go of ill-fitting ones, but that’s another post!]. Here’s how I know when I’ve found a good fit:

1. I think ‘yay!’ rather than ‘ugh.’ whenever I see an email or hear a voicemail from them.

2. Our interactions are positive, creative, thoughtful and thought-provoking.

3. They’re good people, and I believe in what they do and how they do it.

4. Their expectations are reasonable and enable me to offer my best work.

5. They value my experience, expertise and contributions.

6. They pay me fairly and promptly for my good work.

7. They like me, what I do and how I do it – and they let me know.

Fairly simple stuff, right? And yet, a rather rare gem among the treasure trove of projects I’ve accumulated during the past decade-plus-one. Rare gems I’m ever-grateful for, & hope to hold onto for years yet to come.

Interested in meeting a few of them? Pop over to my Clients page and feel the love!