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I’m Kristen Card, & I’m a writer based in Austin, TX.

I write mostly website content, marketing materials, success stories, business features, direct-mail pieces and ads.

I also write taglines, bios, news releases, social-media posts, thank-you notes [the old-fashioned, stamp-y kind] and lyrics [for realz, y’all].

So call me a freelance copywriter, a grammar guru, a content wrangler, a brand reviver, an inkslinger, a storyteller.

The gangster of love. Maurice. Whatever. Just call me.


  • Senior-level business & marketing writer
  • 20+ years experience; 10+ years independent
  • Corporations, small businesses, nonprofits & associations
  • Valuable player with client teams, other creatives, or on my own
  • Digital, print & broadcast media
  • Versatile | Quick | Practical | Creative

Every day, I’m scribblin’.

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